Imperial Fists Sergeant

Huzzah!  The sergeant is finished and so is my first little squad of Imperial Fists.  As mentioned in my last IF post, my Fists might differ in their color scheme from the standard.  If I were to strictly follow IF canon, I think the sergeants should have a yellow helmet with a red stripe or skull badge.  However, I've decided to follow a more universal codex marine scheme, similar to what you'd see on Ultras.  So, red helmed sarge:
I've always liked the mini below.  I guess I'm a sucker for the raised power fist stance.  I built my sergeant with this guy in mind:
More Imperial Fists sergeant pics in here!

My take on Imperial Fists

I was kicking around the idea of painting up some Imperial Fists when the Games Day 2012 miniature was unveiled.  I think it's a great mini, and I like the old school color scheme...a lot more variation than how the Blood Angels are typically depicted.  True, he's a captain and that's why he has more flair, but when looking at that old 2nd Ed. art I noticed some of the troops were different too.  Not every little part of their armor was red.

Anyways, I wanted to apply some of that aesthetic to my Imperial Fists.  I've always liked the black trim of the 5th Company, which meshes well with the black and white quartered markings found in the Insignium Astartes.  Here are my first few tests and the beginning of my IF force:

Click for more!

What's this about?

I received the Battle for Macragge set as a gift a few years ago, and have been collecting Warhammer 40,000 models with reckless abandon ever since.  Like many other wargaming enthusiasts, I now have piles of unused plastic.  I've started this site to work through some of those piles.  I'll post work on current projects and maybe do some tutorials (or really just how I do things).

But why 40K Giveaway?  Well, I'll never get to some projects, so I'll also be using this site to find new homes for my neglected gear.  If I can't use some of these great models, I'd like to get them to someone who can.  My tentative plan is to have a giveaway of some 40K related item every month.  This might be a single mini, a whole squad, or even a vehicle or piece of terrain.  Why not sell this stuff?  Well, I might Ebay some of the larger or more dear items.  But for some things, it'll be a lot more fun to brighten someone's day than net $3.47.  The first giveaway will be in June, so stay tuned for the 'what' and 'how'.  I'm also very open to suggestions, so leave me a comment and let me know what you're thinking.