Imperial Fists Sergeant

Huzzah!  The sergeant is finished and so is my first little squad of Imperial Fists.  As mentioned in my last IF post, my Fists might differ in their color scheme from the standard.  If I were to strictly follow IF canon, I think the sergeants should have a yellow helmet with a red stripe or skull badge.  However, I've decided to follow a more universal codex marine scheme, similar to what you'd see on Ultras.  So, red helmed sarge:
I've always liked the mini below.  I guess I'm a sucker for the raised power fist stance.  I built my sergeant with this guy in mind:
More Imperial Fists sergeant pics in here!

I'm still not thrilled with how the sculpted pauldrons are coming out.  If anyone has helpful suggestions on how to make these look better, please leave a comment or link.

I think I'll switch gears from here, work on some other unit before pushing this to a 10 man.  I love Space Marines, but it's good to rotate away from tac marine after tac marine.

Also, I think I've figured out what my first little giveaway is going to be, so come back and check it out.


Karitas said...

That's a nice mini :)

Not sure whats bothering you about the pad, looks okay from here. Maybe a closer picture that highlights the difficulty you are having would better place us to advise on a solution?

40K Giveaway said...

Thanks, Karitas! About the pad, I would like it to be more clear that it's a fist, so maybe I just need to do more line highlighting, more contrast? (a steadier hand? that would be nice)

Dat Chu said...

I think the shoulder pads need some highlight to really pop. The same for the tactical symbol on the right shoulder pad (just need some line highlighting). Other than that, I really dig your black and golden yellow combo.

40K Giveaway said...

Dat Chu: Thanks for following and for the kind words! I think you're right about the line highlighting...I'll have a go next time I'm at that stage w/ another model