My take on Imperial Fists

I was kicking around the idea of painting up some Imperial Fists when the Games Day 2012 miniature was unveiled.  I think it's a great mini, and I like the old school color scheme...a lot more variation than how the Blood Angels are typically depicted.  True, he's a captain and that's why he has more flair, but when looking at that old 2nd Ed. art I noticed some of the troops were different too.  Not every little part of their armor was red.

Anyways, I wanted to apply some of that aesthetic to my Imperial Fists.  I've always liked the black trim of the 5th Company, which meshes well with the black and white quartered markings found in the Insignium Astartes.  Here are my first few tests and the beginning of my IF force:

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In Ultramarines the movie, the IF 5th Co. is wiped out.  I like to think that my force represents it's rebuilding.  Given the Fists' scrimshandering ways, I can see that the new brothers of the 5th mark their armor with more black than those of other companies.

You can see from the group shot that I couldn't make up my mind about the yellow recipe.  There are three different yellows, all combinations using the old paint line.  I don't know that it shows up very well in the pics though (can you pick them out?):

I think I need to pick out the 3D chapter symbols with some more highlighting, they kind of just look like black blobs instead of fists.  I added a little paint over the decals to make them blend with the model better.

I think I've settled on my yellow, which is good because these marines need a sergeant!  He's up next, until then, let me know what you think.

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Avicenna said...

I really like the decal you've used on the last picture... I'd almost say I prefer it to the 3d sculpted pads, but maybe thats what you were saying about highlights.

They all look really good though - yellow can be such a bugger :)