Imperial Fists Scouts

Here are a couple of test scouts, and I think I'm satisfied with the way they came out. I originally planned to give them black pants/sleeves, but decided I liked the contrast of the gray against the black boots and pouches.

My inspiration for the scheme came mostly from this art:

Giveaway #1 - Mephiston

Time for Giveaway #1!   As I mentioned in my first post, my giveaways are about getting rid of stuff I'll probably never use.  As such, they probably won't be the new hot items...but hey, at least they're free!  Like this one:  
Long ago, I picked up this Mephiston model for beans on Ebay, and  even though I don't play BA, I thought it would be fun to paint.  However, with too many projects and too little time, it's time for me to send Mephiston to someone who will use him.

You want him?  Here's how to get him:

Imperial Fists- Yellow Paint

I recently got a question about the yellow paint I'm using for my Imperial Fists.  I only use Citadel paints, not because I think they are best, they're just the only paint line my FLGS carries.  I tested several yellow combinations before I found a yellow I was happy with...and then the new Citadel line came out.  While I haven't used the new paints yet, I did buy a couple pots to include in this comparison (take with a grain of salt, I can't seem to take a picture that looks just like the real thing):

1.  Iyanden Darksun
2.  Iyanden Darksun (1) : Golden Yellow (2)
3.  Golden Yellow
4.  Sunburst Yellow
5.  My Imperial Fists mix (below)
6.  Averland Sunset (new)
7.  Yriel Yellow (new)

What's in the mix?  Click...