Imperial Fists- Yellow Paint

I recently got a question about the yellow paint I'm using for my Imperial Fists.  I only use Citadel paints, not because I think they are best, they're just the only paint line my FLGS carries.  I tested several yellow combinations before I found a yellow I was happy with...and then the new Citadel line came out.  While I haven't used the new paints yet, I did buy a couple pots to include in this comparison (take with a grain of salt, I can't seem to take a picture that looks just like the real thing):

1.  Iyanden Darksun
2.  Iyanden Darksun (1) : Golden Yellow (2)
3.  Golden Yellow
4.  Sunburst Yellow
5.  My Imperial Fists mix (below)
6.  Averland Sunset (new)
7.  Yriel Yellow (new)

What's in the mix?  Click...

It seems like the current trend in 40K is to paint forces with lots of battle damage.  I think that looks great, but I didn't want to do that with my Fists.  From a fluff standpoint, this force is to be part of the rebuilt 5th company after being wiped out on Mithron, so I like the look of 'fresh' equipment for them.  Along with that, these are Space Marines and they probably have teams of servitors to clean and repair every piece of gear after it returns from battle.  From a painting standpoint, yellow is a slow process for me and I didn't want to add to that with battle damage.  Okay, okay, so I'm just lazy...but this meant the yellow needed to look good since it wasn't going to be hidden under battle damage, dust, etc.

I've seen some very nice Fists based around Sunburst, but it's a little lemony for my tastes.  I really like Golden yellow, but it's too bright out of the pot (if I could take Golden into Photoshop, I'd reduce the saturation...I actually tried this by mixing in traces of purples and blues, but never like the outcome).  I like the coverage of Iyanden and have used it for details before, but when I covered a whole marine, it looked too green to me.  I mixed it with the Golden, but again, when I finished the test mini, I didn't like the greenish that was coming through.

Two marines on the right use my overly complicated mix.
I should have waited for the new paints.
I finally settled and mixed up a pot of Tausept Ochre (1) : Golden Yellow (4) : Sunburst Yellow (2) : Skull White (2).  Yes, I'm an idiot.  The good news for this idiot is that Averland Sunset is pretty dang close to the mix I made.  In the color samples above, I really glopped on the paint, but the bottom two (5 & 6) are thinned and closer to what you'd actually apply to a model.  While 2 looks pretty close to 5 and 6 in the pic, it has a green tinge in person.

This is way more than anyone wants to know, so I'll shut up now.  After my mix is used up, or when it's time to paint a vehicle, I'll probably just go with Averland and Yriel.
Anyone else go a little crazy when working with yellow?  I'd love to hear what you've tried/use


Fist of Dorn said...

A big fan of your work! I would like to ask what yellows did you use to highlight your Imperial Fists, and what would the new paints be for those highlights.

40K Giveaway said...

Hey Fist, thanks for stopping by and the kind words! For highlighting I simply added more Skull White to my I.F. mix (I think the mix for the tests shown was 1:1, but for special characters I would probably go further with 2 parts white and 1 part yellow).
New paints? That's a good question, but I have a feeling that I'd like an Averland (1) : Yriel (1) for the main yellow, with white added to that for highlights.
In the beginning, I started dark (base of Bestial or Tausept) and worked to light, but now I'm starting w/ the I.F. yellow and added shadow with either a Bestial wash or sepia, then cleaning up and adding highlights.
Thanks for the interest!