The scout sarge is almost finished. I still need to clean up some shadow lines, knock down some highlights, and add the squad markings. I decided that my fluff for this I.F. force and aesthetics would both be satisfied by painting the greaves black, honoring his fallen brothers and visually tying him to the rest of the scout squad. If you're wondering why he has them at all, check out this post.

Step-by-step for painting him in here:

Giveaway #2 - Space Marine Squad

Time for Giveaway #2!   As I mentioned in my first post, my giveaways are about getting rid of stuff I'll probably never use.  As such, they won't be the new hot items...but hey, at least they're free!  Like this one:

I really like the idea of having an old school squad in my army, so I picked up some of these 2nd ed. minis. As usual, I got carried away and ended up with enough old school to field an army! So the giveaway for this month is one of these squads. Okay, so it's not actually a legit squad, since there's two missile launchers and no sergeant, but I'm sure you're all clever enough to get around that.

 Find out how to get 'em!

Scout Sergeant

You've seen the scout squad in recent posts, and here's their sergeant. When I started, I thought I'd simply add a power fist and a head swap. Once the fist was on though, I realized that power fists don't look quite right on scouts, even though I tried to find a smaller one. Things looked out of balance, so I set to fixing it, and making up fluff as I went along. 

This particular scout sergeant took on his role as trainer/teacher after the catastrophe on Mithron, being transferred from his original company to help with the rebuilding effort. He continues to use bits of his armor even in this role, but for good reasons. He maintains...

More Imperial Fists Scouts

I just finished off a couple more scouts.  I can't seem to settle on how I want to paint things, so there are some little differences here.  I took the yellow highlight a little higher and changed my red up a little.

Also, I changed the black up some, adding in blue from the Space Wolves family for all layers.  I don't know if any of these changes actually come across in the pics, but in person, I'm liking the black better.

WINNER! Giveaway #1 - Mephiston

Happy 6th. Ed.! I want to thank everyone who's become a follower of the blog ,and those who commented on this giveaway.

Via RANDOM.ORG, the winner of the Mephiston Giveaway is pchappel of Chappell's Wolfden!

Paul, all you need to do is shoot me an email and we'll get this guy in the mail (click the contact tab).

Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned for the July giveaway!