Scout Sergeant

You've seen the scout squad in recent posts, and here's their sergeant. When I started, I thought I'd simply add a power fist and a head swap. Once the fist was on though, I realized that power fists don't look quite right on scouts, even though I tried to find a smaller one. Things looked out of balance, so I set to fixing it, and making up fluff as I went along. 

This particular scout sergeant took on his role as trainer/teacher after the catastrophe on Mithron, being transferred from his original company to help with the rebuilding effort. He continues to use bits of his armor even in this role, but for good reasons. He maintains...

...his poleyns, greaves and sabatons to provide stability as he weilds the power fist. And since the fist is always "up close and personal" with the enemy, he has kept the full sized pauldron on that side for added protection.

So yeah, I was basically making modifications to get the model visually balanced. The original scout legs didn't look like a 'solid base' to me, and the fist without the pauldron didn't look at home.

I actually built this guy before 6th Edition came out. I'm not through all the new rules yet, but my original plan will now have to change. I was going to run a mixed force of Imperial Fists and Raven Guard with Shrike and one of several other characters. The army would consist of in-your-face elements and supporting, long range elements. As you have probably already guessed, the aggressive portion would consist of assault terminators infiltrating with Shrike and IC #2 (ex. Lysander, Libby, Khan for Furious Charge for LC termies or S5 I5 scouts), as well as 1 or 2 large squads of infiltrating and scouting scout squads. This element would be further supported by a couple of dreadnoughts dropping in, putting a large force right on the enemy's door step. With the changes to Infiltrate, Fleet, and Furious Charge, my plan lost it's teeth.

Oh well, I still like the model and am painting him up now. Let me know what you think so far!


Paul Chappell said...

I run mine similarly, but I tend to have him armed with the one handed sniper rifle :-) BS 4, and with the PF, you'd not be getting (and therefore losing) the extra CC attack anyway... But my lads tend to deploy with their hibachi and camp on objectives, at least for my Fleshtearers :-)

Dat Chu said...

I normally give my scout a combi-melta and a powerfist. But with 6th edition, he is now permanently on the shelf. Since I can no longer assault from reserve or from infiltrate, I don't see the use for running assaulting scouts without their trusty LSS.

RE: the model, I think the fist looks just fine.

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool dynamic pose. Can't wait for the colour :)

40K Giveaway said...

Thanks guys! I hadn't thought about running him with sniper, but I see your point. I like the LSS, but I'm pretty lost when it comes to 6th. I'm still reading through the rules, but it might be that SM scouts as campers are best replaced by cheaper allies

Son of Dorn said...

You can assault after with Infiltrators if you go second. Note that where they say you cannot, it only says turn, not game turn. Still some viability in the strategy :)

Also, I like his power fist a lot. My Scout Sgt.'s looks oversized. Considering looking at a Commissar or Guardsman Sgt.'s in the future. :)