Giveaway #3 - Ragnar Blackmane

This month's 40K giveaway is Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane!

Games Workshop's rendition
While I've never been a huge fan of this model, I Ebayed it to do a Ragnar conversion. I'd seen several really nice conversions that utilized bits from this original, and wanted to do the same. Well, my project list is too long, so I'm going to scratch this one off. Hopefully one of you can put this mini to use, either as he is or in your own conversion.

Click to find out how to get him!
Apparently, Blackmane is no longer packaged with his original backpack. If I'd done the conversion, I don't know if I would have kept the antenna-like banner poles, but I do think the upward turned, howling wolves are a nice touch for Ragnar. The current backpacks have lost that touch:

Here's how you get him:

  1. Be a follower of the blog via the 'Followers' widget.
  2. Leave a comment to this post letting me know that you want the model. (if your comment name and follower name don't match, please let me know)
  3. Do 100 jumping-jacks, because that's what it looks like Ragnar is doing. (no need to provide proof, I know all of you will do this)
That's it for this one! Sign up through August 31, and I'll announce the winner on the 1st. 


Dat Chu said...
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Dat Chu said...

I love the old Ragnar model and would really be happy if I win this giveaway.

Been a follower of your site (and read all the posts). Some how, my name (leohart) appears in the follower list instead of my Google Profile name. Oh well.

Btw, what was your original conversion idea for this model?

styx said...

Enter me into the contest!

Yea, I would like to see your idea on the conversion also.

I have been slowly bringing my friend over to conversions over the years and he loves it....he is more of a converter than I have been of late.

Damn The Valley said...

I'm all about free stuff!

sonsoftaurus said...

Rah rah Ragnar!

He'd make a good renegade, I could find a use for him!

Now excuse me, it's off to do jumping jacks!

Big Poppa Fresh said...

My wife is starting a space wolf army so ragnar would be a good addition

Unknown said...

It's such an awesome model, I'd love to put some paint on him!
I'd like Ragnar.

IDICBeer 40k said...

Count me in please, just done my jumps :D

Rkik said...

Yay jumping jacks!

Denniz said...

Would be happy to paint Ragnar, I´m in!

Chris34 said...

entered hail !!! Space wolves

Unknown said...

I want him he'll be a good for the jumping jacks...

MrJudd77 said...

Had to stop my daily jumping jacks to write this entry.

Pick me

Ragnar Rocks

toptrumpet said...

Hi there. Collecting a Classic Wolves Army based around a HH era character called Hallfflan.

Pick me