Imperial Fists - Terminators (WIP)

I've been pretty distracted with Dark Vengeance, but I finally have some terminator pics to share. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on my "shooty or TH/SS" question. Obviously, I opted for TH/SS for this first squad. I knew I'd be painting up another at some point, and I thought I might want to use the rumored DV termies for my shooty squad. 

If you've seen any of my recent posts, you know I've been drooling over the Dark Vengeance set, and have pretty much decided to start two new armies! Sooo,  the Deathwing models will remain Deathwing. And yes, I'm a sap and GW rolled right over me.

As with the tac squad sarge, these minis are done more in an Ultras style than strict IF. I guess I like the punch of the white helmets. More pics inside...

WINNER! Giveaway #3 - Ragnar Blackmane

Ragnar is heading back to Fenris! Well, maybe not, but he IS heading to styx of Army of the Week.  He's our August giveaway winner, via RANDOM.ORG. Styx, shoot me an email so we can get Ragnar out of storage and onto the battlefield!

I want to thank everyone who's become a follower of the blog ,and those who commented on this giveaway. I'm also noticing a lot of repeat visitors and really appreciate your continued support.

There were a couple questions in the original post about how I was planning to convert Ragnar. My idea was to make a Blackmane based on the above piece of art. Removing bits from the metal model would be tricky and might require some touch-up sculpting, but I thought I could use the weapons and wolf shoulder pauldron at least. I was also going to try to get his wolfy cummerbund. All this and the original backpack would go on one of the new plastic models with new head (repositioned to mimic the art).

Thanks again, and check back for September's giveaway!