Imperial Fists - Finished Terminators

These guys have been done for a while, but have been waiting for their photo shoot.  Not a lot different than their first appearance, but the detail work has been finished, so I'm calling 'em done.  As with the tactical squad, I've based their shoulder markings on an option in the Insignium Astartes. I don't know that all termie squads will get the same shoulder, but I'm liking it on these dudes.

more hammer swingin' inside:

Giveaway #4 - Eldar Guardian Squad

Time for Giveaway #4!   As I mentioned in my first post, my giveaways are about getting rid of stuff I'll probably never use.  As such, they won't be the new hot items...but hey, at least they're free!  Like this one:

An Eldar Guardian squad, for a project conceived so long ago, I don't even remember what it was.  I remember they came via Ebay, and my brother played Eldar once upon a time, so it was probably going to be for him.  However, neither my bro nor I have been able to hobby much lately, and I don't want to REbay them.  So, it's time to send this squad to someone who can use them! I guess the previous owner painted them, so they are ready for the table:

 Find out how to get 'em!