WINNER! Giveaway #4 - Eldar Guardian Squad

The early bird got the worm this time, as Random selected first responder Muninn as the winner! Muninn was the subject of a recent Spotlight here at 40K Giveaway, but if you didn't check out his site then, click over now and congratulate him on his new Guardian squad.

Muninn, just email me your info and I'll get these Eldar to the webway portal!

I want to thank everyone who's become a follower of the blog, and those who commented on this giveaway. I'm also noticing a lot of repeat visitors and really appreciate your continued support.

Check back soon, as I'm digging through the Giveaway Garage now and will be posting new loot soon!


Muninn said...

Hey, Thanks! I wasn't expecting to get this, so I'm happily surprised!

I'll send you an e-mail now

They'll all receive treatment to become my personal Craftworld, Verdain.

Thanks again,


Muninn said...

Heya 40k,

I sent you an email a few weeks back, but I'm not sure if it was sent to the right spot. Did you get it?

Also, I'm doing another Giveaway now, but not totally sure the best way to mail it when I get a winner. I used an envelope for my Champion giveaway and it never made it. What kind of packaging do you use when you send minis?


40K Giveaway said...

Hey man, got the email...I shipped your Eldar super late, sorry man. Hopefully an extra heavy weapon platform will make up for it!

As for the shipping, I've been using the small priority mail flat rate boxes they have at the post office. It's not the cheapest way out, but it's not bad...I rarely have a box of appropriate size anyway. I know some of the bits sellers use envelopes, but in my experience, they usually put the bits in a little hinged plastic box and then put that in the envelope. I'd do that if I had the plastic boxes.

Muninn said...

Thanks for the advice!

Also, by Eldar came today in fine condition. Thank you so much for the Giveaway.